Further Questions and Answers


What is a Spa/Pamper Party?

Our Spa/Pamper parties are the perfect way to experience a fun, child friendky, spa experience in the comfort of your own home or at a location of your choice. We know we are dealing with small clients, therefore, everything is catered for children just for fun. We do not use adult products such as make up. Neither do we carry out adult treatments.The girls will look slightly more glittery than usual and everything can be wiped off with a wet wipe.

If you are looking for a just beautician service, then sorry, we are not for you. You are paying for our carefully devised packages which consist of more than just treatments! See our package itemisation for more information.


How does it work?

We like simplicity. We have therefore designed a few packages for you to choose from without over burdening you. Once you have decided, simply complete our online Booking Enquiry Form. We will work as quickly as we can to allocate two Pamper Hosts to attend your preferred chosen date/time. As soon as we have done this, we shall ask you to pay a booking fee to secure your date, pamper hosts and equipment. 


Do parents have to stay with their children during the duration of the package?

If under 4 years of age then yes. Our staff are DBS checked and are able to supervise children and prefer to work independentely. It is advisable there is a adult at hand providing intermittant supervision of their venue and property. Should you feel it is absolutly necessary to be present inside the room for the full duration of the package, then we politely request that you seat yourself in an uninterupted section of the room and refrain from chaperoning the hosts or get involved or assisting in the activities as this adds unecessary distraction and we also find that children become inhibited and are unable to partake naturally. 


Are your prices negotiable?

No. As a franchise, our prices are fixed and have been carefully devised to ensure that we deliver exceptional value for money to our customers whilst still being able to cover our overheads. The headline price you pay for your chosen package should not be broken down per head - as you are essentially paying for an entire packaged party service consisting of not only pamper treatments, but one hour full room set up/decor, individual equipment, full spa attire for each individual client, photography, activies, entertainment and so many other inclusions are carefully binded together to create an overall, magical spa party experience. Our charge for extra clients is not negotiable either as we need to transport extra equipment and increase staffing to ensure there is an equal host to client ratio inorder to guarantee that we do no over-run on time or compromise on the quality of service that we are known to provide.  


Do you use electrical footspas?

For health and saftey reasons, we only provide electical footspas for teen and adult parties. Our childrens footspa tubs are imitation tubs only which are neither sensory or electirical.  Our footspa tubs are used for foot soaking purposes during the group spa meditation exercise whilst the eye patches and face masks soak in! For hygiene, each child gets her own footspa tub with child friendly bubble bath soak and imitation petals. Or our youngest clients get a choice of gel filled beads in place of water if this is desired. 


Where can I hold my child's party?

Pretty much anywhere you choose providing that the venue is at ground floor level with car parking outside. This is because our hosts have an abundance of equipment to carry and have a maxium of an hour to set up. Going up and down stairs or using an elevator will add extra time and labour and extra charges may apply.

If you do not have private car parking. We will ask you to credit us in advance with car parking costs at the time of paying your booking deposit fee.


Can I hold my party in the garden?

Yes you can. You will need to supply your own chairs or you can hire our pink love heart chairs to use for the duration of your package (10 chairs @ £10.00). If we bring our chairs we will not bring sofa throws as we have limited capacity in our car, given the amount of equipement we need to bring. If you are having a garden party, we strongly the chairs are positioned under a canopy.


What do we need to provide for the party?

We will carry out a pre-consultation with you so that we can best decide how to arrange your room. On the day, we will bring our own products, furniture and equipment. We request you provide enough space within a room(s) of your choice to accommodate the clients. We would prefer a room with sofas/seating but can bring our own chairs at a small non profit cost of £10.00. If you opt for our chair hire, we will not bring sofa throws.

Our pamper hosts will need access to hot water, plug sockets, wifi and a microwave if hiring our chocolate fountain.

If photography is involved in your package, in addition to the above, we shall require a section of your home or room where we can lay out the carpet and hang up our photographic backdrops.


How long do the pamper parties last?

The time depends on the package booked, the number of clients and the number of hosts. As a guide, a VIP party between two hosts and 10 clients would generally last up to 3 hours (not including set up time). We understand that our clients are little people who can be unpredictable. Don't worry, we allow an additional 15 minutes and will not compromise our service should things overrun a little which they can do from time to time. We would ask you for the same understanding in turn.


Is there a break in between?

We strongly encourage a 15 minute break as children inevitably get hungry during their treatments and are not afraid to ask! Please do bear in mind that longer breaks may delay the party schedule and will result in the hosts having to rush the latter part of the package.

During a three hour package, the hosts will require a 10 minute break however, they may choose to work their break.

We offer age appropriate prepacked treat boxes. See our cheeky little adds ons menu. It is far more practice and enjoyable to eat together straight from a treat box on your lap whilst having your feet done! This means, no shopping, preparation, cleaning or washing up for mum!


Birthday Cake / photography

Unless we have supplied the birthday cake, our hosts are not insured to handle your birthday cake and we cannot take any liability for it. We will not take photos of your cake/cake cutting unless you have paid for extra photography.

If we have supplied the cake then we will include photos of the cake/cake cutting.

If you have paid for extra photography and would like photos of your cake/cutting to be included, please arrange the cake cutting during the food break and as our hosts cannot not stay beyond the party finish time.


Do all guests have to have treatments?

It is your party, so you decide. If some of your guests just want to pop in to enjoy the fun and not participate with the treatments, that's fine. So long as our minimum numbers for the chosen party package are met. Other guests may want to engage in only part of the package. In which case, just indicate your preference in the Consent Form.


What should my child wear?

In the interest of comfort, we provide our clients warm fluffy robes and slippers. A top with leggings or a dress would be ideal. Please note, trousers/jeans/tights may not be suitable for the footspa session. No socks or tights please. Please also ensure that you child is not wearing any nail polish.


What products do our Pamper Hosts use?

Our skincare products comply with EU cosmetic regulations.

Our products are sourced to ensure they contain no parabens, irritating additives, lanolin, mineral oil, SD alcohol, artificial fragrance and are not tested on animals which means they are perfect for sensitive, young skin. We like Avene skincare products which are formulated with active ingredients selected for purity and contain no irritating additives.

If your child suffers from sensitive skin or has an allergy or you would like a full list of ingredients, please send us an email.

Alternatively, you may prefer us to use your own product(s). If so, just give this to our pamper hosts in advance of the party and also indicate this on the Consent Form.

A signed consent form will be required before any treatment can commence on your child.


Can all children have therapies/treatments?

With consent, generally yes. If the child has a medical condition, please seek advice from your GP if in doubt. We are only able to give treatments on completion of a consent form which needs to be signed by either the parent or guardian of each child.


Why do you not give out personal mobile numbers?

Our staff do not use their personal mobiles for incoming calls and messages and all customer details will be deleted due to internal GDPR rules. All verbal communication is to carried out through our head office number (08000 807 967) so that it can be monitored. 


Are there any incentives for booking in advance?

Yes. If you book your party 6 months in advance, then you will be eligible to receive a free cheeky little add on. See our booking t&c's for eligible add ons.


Photography information

The photography we take is intended to be 'fun' photography of the children only. We use professional camera/equipment and our hosts have attended basic photography courses.  The keepsake photobook will arrive direct to your address 6-8 weeks after consultation with you about the size and extra photography options. The photos are uploaded onto our You Tube channel in the form of an electronic slide show and the social media link will be made available to you within a week or so after your party after we have consulted with you  - we often find it difficult to make contact with customers after the event therefore, please ensure you respond to our communication. The social media slideshow is purely optional and we are happy to omit this and send you the keepsake book only should you have concerns about privacy. It takes us a few hours to edit and format the raw images and compile a slideshow from scratch.  Strictly note, will not remove your slideshow after it has been compiled and uploaded onto our channel.

We do not encourage adults to partake in the photos and if adults insist on being photographed then please note, the photo(s) will be included in the social media slideshow and on our Facebook page. Once the slideshow has been compiled and uploaded, there is a charge to re-edit/remove the slideshow so please bear this in mind. 

Unless you have requested extra photography, your complimentary small keepsake book will contain photos of: the clients on the red-carpet, a photo of your room set up and a photo of the birthday girl in her spa attire. 

Extra photography - this will be a general timeline of your party including group photos of the clients both pre pampering and post pampering. All photos will be be incorporated into a slideshow. Selected shots will be incorporated in the complimentary keepsake book. A full list of options will be provided to you along with the slideshow link. 

Notice to customers who did not request the 'extra photography' add-on: From time to time, we may supply extra hosts who may attend your event for internal training purposes. During such instances, we may, off our own accord, take extra photography outside of your package. It is purely discretionary as to whether we choose to spend unpaid hours to professionally format multiple raw images and incorporate them into your slideshow. If we choose to do this on a voluntary basis, we will be more than happy supply you with a slideshow link incorporating both the the standard photography included as part of your package deal as well as the extra photography. This link shall remain live on the proviso that you honor your word to post your satisfaction by way of a review/recommendation as per your agreement on our Facebook page. If we do not hear back from you, we shall supply you with an alternate link containing the standard photography in accordance with your party package. This process has been devised by head office in the interest of fairness and to reward satisfied customers who have agreed to engage in supporting our business with their positive experience. Please contact us for a revised link should the contents of this message apply to you.



TotallyPamper.me own the copyright to all the photographs that you allow us to take. We will use images on our website and social media channel. If you do not wish your child to be photographed, please indicate this on their consent form.