Gallery and Testimonials


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Click here for video review: https://youtu.be/9058FYvMe-k 

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"Totally Pamper.me hosted my daughters 10th birthday party. Apart from my husband helping with some carrying from the car we didn't do anything for 3 hours of the party. The girls all had a lovely time and really enjoyed all the treatments and they all looked so pretty. When I asked my daughter if she had a good time, I got a big grin! Thank you." Suzanne - Denham


"The room looked phenomenal. The girls really enjoyed soaking their feet in real footspas rather than tubs of water. The girls loved the red carpet after party. The real stanchions put a cherry on the top. Everything was put together with lots of thought. Thank you for respecting our photography privacy too!"Anaiya's mum - Northwood


"Thank you for a great party. Libby and her friends had a great time. The waterbase nail polish was a good idea! Will rebook for Libby's sister next year." Libby's mum, Hatchend


"Thank you so much for making Emma's birthday a special day. The attention to detail was second to none and we certainly got value for money in terms of the little extras that you threw in." Annett, Denham


"Great party! My daughter and all her friends had a fab time, thank you ...Best party ever!" Gabriella's mum, Ruislip


"Thank you. What wonderful party! Thankfully kept the girls glued to their seats in anticipation of the whole pampering experience. The treat boxes were a life saver and well worth it. I cannot believe I got some 'me time' on my daughter's big day as usually I'm the one running around! Will defo book again, next time the VIP package. I have not hesitation recommending TotallyPamper.me for their girl's big day!" Kelly's mum. Harrow